“Life is much more peaceful and I am much happier ….” – Kiri

“Worry and stress are but a butterfly in my mind flickering in and out in an instance…” – Paul

“I’m a lot calmer inside and feel less anxious, wound up and stressed ….” – Sandra

“This has been the best birthday present I could ever have received!”
“I am a committed meditator with my wife saying I am “nicer to live with”. I have more energy. Getting up early to do my 20 minutes is no problem. This 20 minutes is worth at least 40 minutes in terms of brain resting time.

“After my 20 minutes evening meditation I feel very refreshed and am able to work later. Decision making in my job is now easier and I am no longer ‘scratchy’ and irritable. The pressures are still there but I am now able to deal with them and control them. My irritable bowel symptoms have all but disappeared so that I no longer take any medication. I am now at the stage of actively recommending it to my colleagues, my friends and also my patients.” – Dr. D.W. Robins, Consultant Anaesthetist

TM was my 40th birthday present to myself. It was the best thing I have ever learnt and the best gift as well! At that time my life was very scrambled and I had a lot to sort out. I needed to be able to focus and use my brain better. I wanted promotion at work and it just wasn’t coming my way. Life was very frustrating. With regular practice of Transcendental Meditation my life slowly came together and changes came too. I was noticeably more peaceful, focused and my brain worked better. This incredible brain that no one had ever taught me how to use was working better!! Soon I was promoted and over the years I have noticed many other great changes in me. I have better patience and emotional intelligence probably stemming from an increased self-knowledge. I hope I am a better person and certainly I am having a more rewarding and happier life which again leads to more satisfaction. This in turn has given me a better life work balance.” – Sally Toye, Dreamliner Airline Captain

Gillian Cobb

“Insomnia and foggy thinking are now history, life is so much calmer and I am not so ‘hyper’ anymore. Therefore, stress levels have dropped so much, in such little time! TM is a wonderful tool; it would have been ideal to have done the course in my teens, but better late than never!” – Gillian Cobb