Course Structure

Transcendental Meditation is taught over 4 consecutive days.  There are now two different ways of learning.  The new way is by having a face to face session on the day of learning with the teacher and then using the Support Teaching App before having a meditation check with the teacher in the evening.  This still has the same knowledge as the four consecutive days of learning in the traditional way below.

Day 1:

Personal instruction (1–2 hours). One-on-one instruction in the Transcendental Meditation with a certified teacher.

The course fee for TM is required at this step.

Day 2 to 4:

Small group sessions (90-minutes each) to give complete knowledge and understanding of the technique and to ensure you continue to enjoy the maximum benefit.

After the course we offer a free 6 month course where you meet more new meditators, have: a chance to ask questions, further checking and gain extra knowledge through beautiful videos of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

This is the Local Official website for Transcendental Meditation, Maharishi Foundation which can be found on the National Web Page:

Course Fees

There is a one-time payment when you learn TM.  Our scale of fees is based on gross income and is designed to make this technique as accessible to as many people as possible.

Please feel free to discuss your personal situation with Liz your local teacher as necessary.

Gross Income based fees

  • £725 individual gross income over £60,000 pa
  • £625 individual gross income over £40,000 pa
  • £525 individual gross income over £25,000 pa      (higher standard rate)
  • £395 individual gross income under £25,000 pa    (lower standard rate)
  • £295 Concession rates for persons with no other finances coming into the household other than universal credit, registered unemployment, state pension or similar also full time students with NUS card or similar
  • £195 School children
  • Children under 10 – 25% of main parent’s fee
  • Private course Fee £1,450


Discount for families may apply please enquire (please note it does not apply to the £295 bracket)

For Special cases please enquire individually

For in-house courses for business and educational institutions: please ask us to quote for your requirements

If you are in the higher brackets and would like to make a donation this helps to support those on lower incomes

Instalment payment/grants

Our goal is to make Transcendental Meditation available to as many people as possible.  Payment by instalment may be an option where appropriate and, under exceptional circumstances, partial scholarships are sometimes available for those in financial hardship.

For more information please contact Liz on 01420 476000

Non-Profit Organisation

Transcendental Meditation is available in the UK only through Maharishi Foundation, registered educational charity number 270157 (England & Wales), XR20456 (Northern Ireland), and SC041919 (Scotland). All revenues from course fees go entirely to support the organisation’s educational and charitable initiatives.